Our Goal

The goal of "Ar-Energy" LLC is the development of the renewable energy sector, in particular, solar energy systems in Armenia, using ecological solutions. That is, to help consumers get, use clean and renewable energy, get rid of the burden of electricity consumption and protect the environment from pollution and waste of classic sources of energy production, thermal and nuclear power plants.

Preliminary Consultation

Ar-Energy LLC provides any type of consulting on solar systems, energy saving, energy efficiency. We will help you understand how to save energy,: what energy saving technologies are used in your case? We will present the effectiveness of each case և repurchase dates. If necessary, we can also carry out the energy of any purpose of construction, production or other type of business activity.

Design և Surveillance

The photovoltaic system is a long-term investment, so the design is a very important step in offering the best solution. Therefore, our organization implements the project, using this stage, as it is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project. We take into account all the conditional expectations in the projects, so that no obstacles appear during the implementation of the work or the operation of the systems. Our specialists study all possible schemes in detail, implement a corresponding project. If necessary, more than one solution solution can be offered to you during the design work.


We use high quality equipment (pipes, materials, castings և other necessary accessories) to install the system. Experience shows that the use of high quality equipment is financially justified and leads to further uninterrupted operation. During the installation work, our specialists will document the work in the form of photos and notes. After installing the system, it undergoes appropriate tests. The installed solar system is under the control of our specialists for 10 days. All types of tests և After 10 days of operation, the system is delivered to the customer. The principle of operation of the system և the rules of operation are explained to the customer in detail.

Service և Monitoring

In the case of solar photovoltaic systems, we can monitor the operation of the system. In case of installation carried out by "Ar-Energy" LLC, a 5-7 year warranty is given. And for the main devices there is a separate factory warranty (20-25 years depending on the equipment). We also provide post-warranty service. Upon request, we can also service, upgrade, and change the systems installed by us. The systems we service are monitored to isolate the effects of a possible accident in a timely manner and ensure uninterrupted operation.

Solar Energy in Armenia

Solar energy is the largest source of inexhaustible energy in the world. It is rated as the most stable and reliable energy source, which does not change over time, unlike other renewable energy sources - water, wind, biogas, etc. Ar energy can be converted into electrical և thermal energy. When converting it to thermal energy, the efficiency is about 70%, and in the case of electricity - about 20%. Armenia has a great potential for solar energy. The average annual value of solar energy flow on a horizontal surface of 1 m2 varies from 1500 to 1850 kWh (European average - 1000 kWh). Besides, the number of sunny days in Armenia is large, about 270-300 days a year. All this makes the use of solar energy in Armenia quite attractive. 2016 On March 15, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia approved a very important legislative package aimed at the development of solar energy in Armenia - "Net-metering". It allows the installation of solar stations with a capacity of up to 150 kW to supply electricity to individuals, up to 500 kW for legal entities, without a license or additional tax obligations. These people will be able to "get back" the surplus electricity supplied to the grid for a year, and the grid will buy more supplied electricity at a retail price of half a day. In fact, this innovation allows you to forget about expensive և batteries that need to be replaced every 3-5 years, install a solar photovoltaic station, and have free electricity for a year. In addition, solar panels have a number of other advantages. Repurchase from 5 years In case of Net metering, Net metering can be completely independent in case of heating with air conditioner. The connection does not require changes to the home network. Only an additional meter is installed. Occupied area: 6 sq.m. 1 kW, in case of south-facing roof, Individual installation, low operating costs, Productivity guarantee for PV / photovoltaic panels for 25 years, for inverters - 5 years, warranty extension is possible in case of additional payment at the time of signing the contract, up to 10 years. Ability to monitor and optimize the system online, Lending at an average of 7-10% per annum, 0-20% down payment, 7-year term, depending on the type of loan հզոր Capacity of the installed PV system. We are convinced that renewable energy resources can improve our quality of life and promote sustainable development in our country. Renewable energy systems are practical, reliable, efficient for people: environment. The range of high quality photovoltaic panels consists of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC, type modules, which are distinguished by their quality, reliability and warranty service.


The use of the sun in the quality of the energy source can be a factor in the formation of the environment. In the meanwhile, the installed photovoltaic station with a capacity of 1 kW can produce up to 3200 kg of CO2 gas per day, which is one of the main reasons for the global warming. Solar vacuum collectors on a daily basis are the only effective means of detecting solar energies and transformations into thermal energy. Thanks to new German technologies, the basis of which lies the use of vacuum, in quality insulation, it is not possible to see 92% of solar energy.

Return Period

The repurchase period is the minimum period at the end of which the amount often invested equals the income received. This reserve often starts to receive income at no extra cost. Taking into account the natural gas and electricity tariffs operating in the Republic of Armenia, the repurchase period of the solar system is 4-6 years, depending on the country of origin of the equipment, the textual capacity of the system.

Insurance against price increases

By investing in energy saving or alternative energy sources, you are reaping an average annual 12% increase in energy efficiency. This is one of the best investments of the future. Natural gas tariffs for the population from 2006 to 2013 increased by 240% during the period, or an average of 15.7% per annum .

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

There are solar photovoltaic systems.

• Autonomous, equipped with batteries է completely independent e. from the network,
• Network without batteries և works e. parallel to the network,
• Hybrid, which is a combined version of the previous two systems, աժամանակ runs on both batteries and. with the network.

"Ar-Energy" LLC installs solar systems only from high-end companies with the best working characteristics.
The main components of solar systems are ․

• Solar shields: monocrystalline-polycrystalline;
• Converter (inverter), both linear and micro, single-phase, three-phase;
• Automatic control և protection equipment;
• Batteries depending on system type;
• wires, cables, couplings, etc.

Autonomous / Off-Grid / Blood Systems

Off-grid systems are an obvious alternative for the electricity consumer to the grid in the absence of a regulatory framework for power transmission. However, these systems also have some advantages over Aungrid systems. First, they can work in the absence of a grid or be a source of electricity in the event of an accident; երկրորդ, second, in some cases, they can give the consumer a sense of independence that is very important to some people. It is also possible that, using the Offgrid system, the consumer begins to understand the true value of electricity more clearly, his lifestyle changes, man gets closer to nature "to".
The main components of off-grid stations are:

• Blood panels
• Battery charge controller
• Rechargeable batteries
• Off-grid converter
• Diesel generator (optional) or mains availability.

Hybrid Systems:

Ideologically, hybrid systems are more advanced and include the best aspects of Aungrid և Offgrid systems. Such systems can act as an upgrade, supplying the grid with excess power; Such systems can be completely tailored to the needs of the consumer, depending on the specific situation. In some countries, for example, the price at which the grids buy electricity depends on the time of day, in which case the customer can adjust the converter so that the energy stored in the batteries can be sold at the highest price. Perfectly based on hybrid systems, the concept of "Smart" network can be applied, where each consumer can act as an energy seller - sell it online. In this case, the grid will be invulnerable, because the energy is not concentrated, but distributed.

The main components of hybrid plants are:

• Blood panels
• Hybrid converter with integrated charge controller
• Rechargeable batteries
• Two-way meter.


Electric heating boilers are designed for individual heating of apartments, establishments, enterprises, can be installed in places where heating with gas boilers is carried out as an alternative to heating. By approximate calculations, depending

From the OGG of the electric boiler, the power of 1 kW is enough for 10 mJ ․. They have a number of advantages ․

• Low cost of the device
• Safety of operation (unlike other types of boilers, there is no open blowing of electrical units);
• environmental well-being, as there are no combustion products;
• silent operation
• Need to take care of the device regularly (clean the combustion chamber, burners, etc.);
• Simple installation of electric heating boiler;
• There is no need to allocate a separate space for heating, it can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom.

Given all these advantages of electric appliances, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that they are much better than the widespread use of gas heating. Electric boilers are usually used in combination with solid fuels and gas appliances. It is possible to heat the apartment with the help of lower heat sources և maintain a constant temperature using an electric boiler.

Water heaters

The advantage of solar heaters:

• applicable in all regions of Armenia, in all climatic zones all year round - even at a temperature of -20 C, even in cloudy weather. They do not work only in conditions of high fogging,
• compatible with already placed heating system: it takes only a few hours to align,
• effective: they heat water to a boiling point,
• are durable: they are not damaged even by a direct hit of 3 cm hail,
• simple: do not require special operation,
• reliable: have a five-year quality guarantee,
• long-term: they serve 20 years,
• consist of: stainless steel (with aluminum admixture), galvanized steel,
• safe: free from the dangers associated with the use of gas and electric water heaters, eg gas leakage, electrical short circuits, etc.

Solar water heaters are widely used:

• individuals - to ensure the supply of hot water to apartments, mansions, summer cottages, swimming pools,
• business representatives - to ensure the supply of hot water to private offices, hotels, guest houses, baths, saunas, swimming pools, SPA centers, beauty salons, gyms, processing companies for vegetable, fruit, meat and dairy products, industrial enterprises,
• public structures - for public offices, shopping centers, medical enterprises, kindergartens, schools and other similar structures.

Non-Pressure Model

The non-pressure model of solar water heaters is the most popular in the international market due to its simplicity and affordability. This model is practical և reliable in everyday operation, has a quick payback. The non-pressure model consists of a thermally insulated hot water tank, vacuum tubes and a control panel.

Separate Blood Pressure Heaters / Вакуумные Теплавые Коллекторы /
The peculiarity of a separate pressure blood water heater is that the tank is disconnected from the blood pipes. Reliable և comfortable to install and use. The separate pressure model consists of a blood manifold, a thermally insulated pressure hot water tank, an automatic control system, an expansion tank and other auxiliary devices. Copper pipes installed in vacuum tubes increase the efficiency of the system.

The blood collector is designed to provide home or business with hot water, heating and pool heating. It is an ideal solution for houses, restaurants, hotels, sports clubs, swimming pools, hospitals և other institutions where hot water և heating is required.