Eco Solutions

Eco Solutions


Solar energy is the largest source of inexhaustible energy in the world. It is rated as the most stable and reliable energy source, which does not change over time, unlike other renewable energy sources - water, wind, biogas, etc.

Solar energy can be converted into electrical and thermal energy. It converts about 70% of the energy into heat and about 20 percent into electricity.

Armenia has a great potential for solar energy. The average annual value of solar energy flow on a horizontal surface of 1 m2 varies from 1500 to 1850 kWh (European average - 1000 kWh). Besides, the number of sunny days in Armenia is large, about 270-300 days a year. All this makes the use of solar energy in Armenia quite attractive. We are convinced that renewable energy resources can improve our quality of life and promote sustainable development in our country. Renewable energy systems are practical, reliable, efficient for people and the environment.


By using the sun as an energy source, it is possible to help protect the environment. On average, a single-kilowatt photovoltaic plant can reduce emissions by up to 3,200 kg of CO2 per year, which is one of the main causes of global warming. Solar vacuum collectors are currently the most effective way to absorb solar energy and convert it into thermal energy. Thanks to a new German technology based on the use of vacuum as thermal insulation, it is now possible to absorb 92% of solar energy.